Kaffir lime leaves have a distinct fragrance and are different from common lime leaves. They grow in doubles and the average leaf approx 2″ long. Due to thorns harvesting has to be done by hand.

Culinary uses

I planted some Kaffir lime seeds given to me by my friends who brought a

Kaffir Lime

couple of limes from Thailand. To my delight, the seeds sprouted in a few weeks. I now have a few good plants of Kaffir lime and more leaves that I can use or supply to my customer. The trees are 5 years of age. Yet no lime fruits have ever come (The fruit looks like wrinkled lime). Our farm is in Maharashtra and maybe the climate here is not suitable for it. Strangely our common lime plants give us plenty of fruits.

However I am more interested in the leaves. Kaffir lime is used extensively and is precious to Thai cuisine. The zest of the lime is an ingredient in red  curry paste. The leaves are most commonly used in soups for its zest and refreshing taste – essential in many Thai soups and curries. All parts of the Kaffir lime are used in Indonesian and Thai cuisine enhances the taste of food. When the rind and juice as well as the fresh leaves are used it releases the strong citric and often pungent aroma so many cherish. My main customers are Malaka Spice in Pune a very popular restaurant.


Storage is easy as the freeze well in just place in a plastic bag & retains their flavor for months.

Other uses

Thai people believe the juice is an excellent hair rinse to prevent hair from falling out. A digestive aid with many known health benefits, the leaves cleanse the blood while helping maintain healthy teeth and gums. In Thailand the leaves are added to shampoo as a natural hair care.

Please do share your own experience. Thank you.


About dilipnaidu

An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. punitha says:

    i’m searching kaffir lime plants and seeds in india for the past 4 years. will u please tell me where can i get the seeds? i’m in need to get the seeds. will u please tell me the details about getting the seeds, please……..

  2. Dilip Naidu says:

    Hi Punitha,

    How nice to know that you are interested in Kaffir lime seeds. As mentioned above a friend gave me some kaffir lime. Thereafter I was luck to safely extract the seeds and planted them.

    Unfortunately there have been no limes in my plants. So seeds cannot coming out.

    If no one else can help you may need to ask a friend returning from Thailand.

    If I do come up with seeds I will surely inform you.

    Thanks for your visit and do come again.



  3. Dr Shailja Kapoor says:

    I read your article and would like to advise you that every species cultivated according to the best suited agroclimatic conditions
    The Kaffir Lime will only bear fruit if two genetically different plants are cross pollinated. Plants from the same of similiar rooted cuttings will not bear fruit.
    To ensure increased and quicker yields as well as the ability to withstand disease may be ensured by grafting cuttings of the Kaffir lime tree onto other citrus root stock.

    The conditions required for the plant to grow well are a moist, well drained soil and full sun. It is important to ensure that even if the plant is in the full sun, the roots must be protected from the heat.
    Since a certain amount of sunlight is required the plant should not be grown in the shade, the drainage may be imprved by planting tree into a mound of earth. Manuring and fertilizing should be done in the growing season with a manure that includes naturally composted cow or chicken manure

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hello Dr Shailja,

      Your comments cover the important growing requirements comprehensively. On reading your advise I am glad that most of the conditions are met. The main one that I need to work on is grafting cuttings of my Kaffir lime plant to another citrus plant – perhaps a lemon plant.

      It is indeed gracious of you to enrich my blog and benefit me and my organic grower friends.

      Many thanks & best regards,

      Dilip Naidu

  4. Your keiffer limes are probably not being properly pollinated. I suggest you take a small, soft artists paint brush and brush in the flowers. This will pollinate them. Bees usually do the job, but many areas have lost their bees due to persistent pesticides.

    • Dilip says:

      Hi Peter,

      Wow that’s a great tip to try out. Will let you know if I do get lucky. Just visited your blog – it sure is awesome. Your creativity and talent is very inspiring.

      Best wishes and do come again!


  5. ajay says:

    I am coming back to pune on 28 july 2011, I arranged few plant of kiffir lime and seeds, I have 4 to 5 plant of kaffir lime and for me one plant is enouh. i am not broker or seller but I want to give this one or two plant with resonable amount. kindly contact me if any one need kafir lime I am in pune for one week only. email me. thanks and regards

    • Swati says:

      Hi Ajay,

      I just read your comment, any luck I can have the kafir lime plant? I am in Pune.

      • ajay says:

        dear swati
        yes i have still have some seeds of kafir lime, do ou have any other plant for exchange? tell me what you have in your garden, i will take some other plant from you AND give you few ( 2 seed or one small plant )

    • Punitha says:

      Hello Ajay!
      Do u have Kaffir lime seeds? I’m searching to get this seeds in india for past 5 and a half yrs. If u have the seeds pls contact me.

  6. dilipnaidu says:

    Hi Ajay .. that’s great news … I will ask some folk who had asked me whether they still need it … I am sure they will pay for the costs incurred and thank you too…


  7. Abdul Razzaq Naidu says:

    Hi, Dilip:

    I am based in Bangalore and would like to buy the leaves. It is for my personal consumption. My contact number is 0-99017-55944.

    Have a good one!

    Abdul Razzaq Naidu.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Abdul Razzaq,

      Thanks for calling on … I’d very much like to supply Kaffir lime leaves to you … but I am organized only for Pune deliveries … the final cost by courier for outstation is uneconomical ….

      if some of your friend is going to Banaglore I’d surely send some for you ..

      with kind regards to you …

      • Abdul Razak N. says:

        Hi, Dilip:

        Is it possible to ship the Kaffir Lime leaves to Cochin? I relocated to Cochin from Bangalore about a year back. Thanks in advance.

      • dilipnaidu says:

        Sorry the quantity of kafir lime leaves are very few and shot for my regular customers. Even the farm is closed down as we have run out of water.

  8. ajay says:

    I am looking for vanila plant! contact me if any one have one for me.

  9. Punitha says:

    Hi Dilip!

    Any of the friends still wish to give kaffirlime seeds?

  10. mkjfarms says:

    We require 25 grown up kaffir lime plants. kindly provide the contact address and nos if available?

  11. Gladwyn says:

    Hi, Anyway we can get a tree to plant ? gladwyndias@hotmail.com

  12. dilipnaidu says:

    Hi Gladwyn,… I wish I could but I do not have any such saplings of Kaffir lime. 😦

  13. Karishma kalro says:

    I’m keen on buying kaffir lime plant sapling or seeds and good quality lemon grass for using in thai cooking. I can get it collected from pune as I have friends staying there. Can I know the availability and price of both these plants.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi and thanks for the enquiry …i do not grow lemon grass and do not have kaffir lime plants too 😦
      I only supply herbs (leaves) to a few customers … sorry to disappoint ..

  14. Sucharita says:

    I am looking for kaffir lime seeds to grow in my garden. Any place I could source them from?

  15. Deepa Narad says:

    Would love to have a root cutting from your kafir lime.was wondering if you would be willing to courier a rooted plant.I live in greater noida.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi there. I am sorry I do not have a rooted plant. The present one was from seeds given by a friend years ago. Unfortunately my plant never produced any fruits. Bye and good luck. 👍🏽

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