Curry leaves

It is a small tree, growing 4-6 m tall, with a trunk up to 40 cm diameter. They are highly aromatic. The flowers are small white, and fragrant. The small and narrow leaves somewhat resemble the leaves of the Neem tree; therefore they are also referred to as Kadhi Patta in Hindi and Kadhielimba in Marathi (Patta meaning leaf and Kadhi is the name of a popular Maharashtrian dish)

In an interview with DNA Newspaper 5 March 2010 Naini Setalvad a a renowned Nutritionalist said –

“How often have you fished out that “annoying curry leaf” from your food? Well, every time you do so, you might just be committing a criminal act towards your body. Because this little leaf has immense powers; some that are even beyond belief.

Health Benefits

To begin with, the most crucial of properties — having anti-oxidants — is carried by curry leaves.

These leaves are also extremely high in Vitamin C. They therefore help clean up your blood, leaving your skin with a fresh glow, you hair with more luster and your eyes with brilliance.

If you want to pump up your levels of calcium, then you could increase your daily intake by adding curry leaves to any food that you cook. The same applies with iron. Curry leaves will therefore help with eyesight as well.

Kadhi Patta flowering

If you are pregnant and your morning sickness is driving you up the wall, then simply add curry patta to lemon juice and a little organic jaggery. This would ease you of a daily problem, in a healthy, herbal manner. This is better than most medicines, since there is a zero risk of side effects to you or your unborn child.

Mix some curry leaves into your buttermilk, and this is a sure shot home remedy to an upset stomach.”

For detailed research information read

I water my plants in every morning  and pluck a some fresh curry leaves for the kitchen. Now I would like to chew a few leaves too.

Thank you!


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  1. Fantastic!! And curry leaves are good for hair as well. 🙂
    Thanks for a lovely post.

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