Oregano is an important culinary herb, used for the flavor of its leaves, which can be more flavorful when dried than fresh. It has an aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste, which can vary in intensity. Factors such as climate, seasons and soil composition may affect the aromatic oils present, and this effect may be greater than the differences between the various species of plants.

Greek Oregano

Oregano’s most prominent modern use is as the staple herb of Italian-American cuisine. It is most frequently used with roasted, fried or grilled vegetables, meat and fish. Unlike most Italian herbs, oregano combines well with spicy foods, which are popular in southern Italy.

Hippocrates used oregano as an antiseptic, as well as a cure for stomach and respiratory ailments. Oregano is high in antioxidant activity. (From Wikipedia) Oregano is also used in tea for indigestion.

In India Greek oregano is preferred for its heavy oregano aroma and considered great for pizza and Italian cooking.


About dilipnaidu

An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. Anshu says:

    Hi….I was interested in finding out if there are any such herb growing farms in Bangalore.I’m specifically looking for kaffir lime.if there is any way for you to send me the plant that will also b of great help.thanks.

  2. Piyush says:

    Mr. Naidu I’m interested in developing a mini garden with Oregano, Basil and other herbal plants in it, would it be possible to get/buy the same from Jugnoo farms? Please guide.


  3. Hi Dilip,

    I am a newbie on the home kitchen gardening scene and your pic of oregano has got me drooling like a hungry person who has seen food!

    For a long time I’ve been trying to source some herbs to cultivate a herb garden at home. I’ve tried growing thyme, oregano, rosemary but not had much success.. was wondering if I could get cuttings from you and also some tips on how to keep them alive! How much would you charge for it?

    Wouldn’t mind making a trip to Pune for this too! Do let me know.

    Alice Lele

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Alice I feel good to read your kind words. Right now we are going through a unusually dry summer making every drop of water count. Sadly Thyme and Rosemary could not survive and so also a few others. Will let you know when the situation improves.

      Meanwhile I would like to visit your blog and enjoy reading your posts.

      Wishing you plenty of cheer 🙂

  4. Hi Mr. Dilip,

    (Apologies for addressing you by your first name earlier! From your writing, I thought you were younger than you are ! 🙂 )

    Thanks for your prompt reply and also your visit and comments on my blog. I am so sorry that your herbs are not doing so well! I can imagine how heartbreaking that can be..I would’ve been miserable in your shoes! Hoping and praying that the water situation will improve and your herbs will grow back vigorously!

    Will wait patiently to hear from you. Thanks again and God bless you!

    Alice Lele

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Ha ha if you thought I was young let me put you at ease Ms Alice I take it as a big compliment and btw I am young 🙂

      My sincere thanks for your prayers and good wishes and I am sure things will turnaround soon enough. And yes you will hear from me in good time.

      With best wishes and cheer .

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