We visited the Dallas Arboretum and the botanical garden today. It Is a beautiful place to promote the art and knowledge of horticulture, while  providing opportunities for education and research.

You can imagine an average of 900,000 visitors from over 70 countries visit this lovely I garden annually. Located on the shores of the beautiful White Rock Lake the Arboretum covers 66 Acres.

Here are some pictures taken today. As Halloween is coming closer there were colourful pumpkins looking their best. And the lovely flowers were the best of the fall selection.

A mom sitting her son

A mom sitting her son

White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake

Lotus pond

Lotus pond

Waterfall and lotus pond

Waterfall and lotus pond

More pumpkins

More pumpkins



Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple



Bird chillies

Bird chillies


The colour of the flowers in bloom , the smiling happy faces of the visitors young and old as also the festive atmosphere of the entire  garden made our day.

Cheers! 🙂








About dilipnaidu

An open mind! Love to share my thoughts and a keenness to learn. An engineer and a MBA I had a wonderful innings in the Army and later moved to consultancy and teaching. My current interests are music and growing culinary herbs. Love to play golf and do yoga regularly. I am serious on "Living life less seriously". A warm welcome to you be well and be cheerful always.

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  1. Sundarta to bahut hai, sirf dekhane wala chahie. I like the last pic the most. The colourful chillies.

  2. dilipnaidu says:

    Ha ha kya khoob shaayari mere aziz dost. Ya the chilli one is the best. The flowers here come in bloom in Spring 😠

    Thanks for call.

  3. Ajay says:

    Many thanks for a lovely presentation of Dallas Arboretum. You always look for natures beauty and. Put it nicely. Even pumpkin displayed nicely are great feast to the eyes. Kadu bhi sundar latte Hain.

  4. Amazing photo’s and the Name of the purple shrub.. is Lavender.. 🙂 Lovely to catch up with you here… I missed your updates in the reader.. 🙂

    • dilipnaidu says:

      I am truly in wonder how you find time to encourage us knowing you have such a large following of fellow seekers.
      We don’t see Lavender in India 😦
      Many regards and enjoy a peaceful weekend 🙂

      • I try Dilip to honour those who honour me and I knew it had been a while since I visited.. and I must have missed your updates.. So I went into my Blogs I follow list to find you.. 🙂 .. I love Lavender.. it is so versatile a plant to do many things with.. Make perfume, soaps, you can put in scented pillows,, And you can even bake with Lavender flowers 🙂
        Lavender induces sleep 🙂 and is very relaxing.

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