It’s a hobby farm where culinary herbs are grown organically. Some of the herbs have health benefits too. Thai & Italian restaurants in the city of Pune India are the main buyers of the herbs.

Jugnoo Farm came into being in 1998. Bell peppers was the flagship product. Cultivation of bell peppers was the first ever in Pune. The bell peppers were grown from Dutch seeds and the product was very attractive to look at.

Lovely Reds

Lovely Reds

Hard and tasty,  thick walled, juicy and rich in vitamin C. Shelf life of about 8 days. Great demand in Pune theme restaurants and premier super markets like Dorabjees.

After a few years in 2002 an awareness of the harmful effects of chemical pesticides dawned on us.  Most exotic veggies are difficult to grow without using pesticides. The farming philosophy changed from  chemical to organic farming.

The herbs are quite happy to grow in our climate and respond well to natural ways of growing. Growing herbs gives you a good feeling too. Not only are they consumed but most of them have good health benefits.

This blog presents a record of the stages that a novice went through to set up a farm in village setting. The learning still continues. The blog will be dedicated to share and learn points on growing and the benefits and the use of herbs

A family Kantilal, Nanda and their children lived on the farm. Their contribution is unmeasurable. They returned to their village in 2004.  Sometime in 2007 we got the tragic news that Nanda expired in her village leaving behind her young children. May her soul rest in peace.

We now have Kashinath from the village Autadewadi who is an amazing person. Spiritual and and with great humility. The plants love his presence too and I may post my thoughts on this  on this later. Kashi does not live at the farm. The village folks are so friendly, large hearted and always so cooperative. We can learn a lot from their simple logic and frugal economics.

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  1. marino says:

    Saw your posting on Linkedin – Would happy to share any of my knowlededge and experience gained from 30 + years of organic farming as i find it a great way to build good karma – Mark Marino (you can Google me if desired)

  2. dilipnaidu says:

    Mark … it is very gracious of you to reach out …I sure will keep in touch and draw upon your immense knowledge on herbs …your words “a great way to build good karma” mean a lot … kind regards Dilip

    • Devahooti says:

      Hello Mr. Naidu……I m highly impressed by your blog and loved to see all the photos. I am wondering if you still have those Kaffir lime plants for sale u had mentioned. Pl do let me know.

  3. Ramneek Kapoor says:

    Dear Mr. Dalip Naidu,

    I browsed both your blogs and it was a rare treat . I am very keen to visit your farm sometimes with family . hope you will allow, us to savour the natural beauty preserved by you.
    I was humbled by looking at your leadership posts.
    please carry on the good things.
    warm regards
    Ramneek kapoor

  4. Shantanu says:

    Just being in your network is truly a privilege.
    All the discussion that we had (as student-teacher to as friends) is really a great source of knowledge and learning for me.
    Going through this site of your farm is a fantastic experience which closely resembles what transformation I’m undergoing right now.
    This site is well structured and the content written is really good.

  5. Chaitanya says:

    from sir’s hobby, one can learn “differentiation.”

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  7. Harish says:

    Get free volunteers to work in Jugnoo farms , please refer our website or send email to



  8. Hello Jugnoo Farms. Thanks for the visit, I am happy to return the favor. What’s the weather like this time of year in India and what herbs are growing? Blessings, herbaloo

    • Dilip says:

      A warm welcome to a Master in Herb growing. In India we are fortunate to have sunny weather for most part of the year. We are just moving in to Winter season and in Pune where I live it is always a mild winter. Unlike our North where it gets much colder.

      I grow few herbs – mainly Common Basil, Thai Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Lemon Balm and Oregano. In addition to few veggies I grow Rucola which is in great demand with my customers.

      I will be visiting the lovely Herbaloo often to learn and get inspired.

      Thanks & best regards,


  9. shahbaz ayubi says:

    helo sir
    saw your posting it is really nice but sir honestly speaking i don’t have enough knowledge about herbs but after seeing your posting i really would like to visit this farm…so that i can gain some knowledge about cultivation and herbs…and for this u have to help me out …

    shahbaz ayubi

    • Dilip says:

      Hey Shahbaz a warm welcome to you … ya you must come to Jugnoo Farms … when I started this hobby I too did not know nothing about herbs .. never too late to learn I guess 🙂

      But I’d like you to visit
      you will find the present friends at Tasmac have started enjoying the blog with their comments ..

      meet you there bye for now …best regards ..

  10. Harish.SN says:

    Dear sir it was pleasure talking to you. We were looking for Kaffir Lime plants, when we were searching the web we got to know you have them at your farm

    If you could spare a few plante it would help us grow them at our farm

    Best regards

    +91 9845002542. Kindly SMS me before you call sir

  11. Dilip says:

    Hi Harish,

    How nice of you to visit my blog. As mentioned I’d love to give you a sapling of Kaffir lime. My plants are not getting fruits so let me request some one returning from Thailand.I’ll also try to propagate some cuttings of the bush.

    Your farm is truly awesome. It’s very pleasing and bountiful.

    Warm regards,


  12. Siddharth says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been growing quiet a few herbs in my house balcony using pots. I have Chives, Thai Basil, Lemon Grass, Galangal Ginger, Peppermint, Curry Leaves (Kadipatta) and a Vanilla Plant. I am actually searching for Kaffir Lime for a long time. Hope you can help me with it. 🙂

    I would also like to visit your farm if possible as we share a common interest and hobby.


    • Dilip says:

      Howdy Siddharth,

      Welcome to Jugnoo farms. The name sounds big but its just a hobby farm 🙂 Great to know you are interested in growing herbs. It is very satisfying isn’t it? Kaffir lime fruit was given to me years ago and we got the seeds from it. But we only get the leaves and no fruits yet. If I do come across the seeds will surely pass them on to you.

      Enjoy and take care.


  13. Siddharth Shivalkar says:

    hello sir,

    thank you for the reply.

    could you kindly give me the address of your farms and contact number.

    you can email me directly to my email address.




    Hi Dalip,

    What are the nutrients you use for the cultivation of bell peppers at Jugnoo farms?

    • Dilip says:

      Hi Nitin,

      I welcome you to this blog. Read both your comments. Firstly I have mentioned in my blog that I have moved out from growing Bell Peppers to migrate towards natural farming. For this I grow simple crops like herbs that do not need much of chemicals. Humic acid and Neemazal are the two main nutrients I use. Some organic fertilizers manufactured by Godrej or private companies like Vanashree and others as soil application.

      Hydroponic system was used when I grew Bell Peppers in Rice Husk but later switched to soil beds as it was more economical.

      I am into this as a hobby as such please excuse if I have not provided all that you wish to know.



    Hi Dilip,
    Thanks for your prompt reply to my querry about bell peppers.
    I can understand that you have moved out of this to growing other crops but I am sure you can give me some kind of a guidance to using hydroponics so I do not burn my fingers. I was quite keen to try peppers and hydroponics cause I was given to understand that this would give me increased yields than growing in regular soil beds. But since you say that it did not turn out to be economical, I would like to understand why. was the produce not as per expectations for the kind of investment involved? Or was it very difficult to cultivate using hydroponics? Or are their no really qualified consultants in this field to give the correct guidance? the figures I have received from some of the peoples articles from USA, Canada, etc seem to be unbeleivable and fantastic.



  16. girish says:


    Thank you for sharing the wonderful information on growing herbs organically. Yes they are useful for medicinal purpose and for eating. We find them in theme restaurants in Pune. Since I have a small land at Deoband where I am working I wish I could also grow something useful there. Moreover I would love to visit your farm sometime to gain more knowledge which creates my awareness.

    With Regards


  17. Priya Lynette says:

    im from Mmumbai i need to grow Kaffir lime tree in my kitchen garden but neither the seeds nor the plant is available here in Mumbai. i need few seeds to grow a kaffir plant can you please help me

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Priya … I wish I could help … I have the plants growing but they never bear fruits …even the cuttings would not grow … we have kaffir lime leaves which are much in demand here in Pune…


  18. Priya Lynette says:

    what abt basil seeds?

  19. Priya Lynette says:

    thanks Dilipji.. u r really wonderful… but still my search for kaffir leaves is not over…:) im going through all the possible sites to get those seeds…. if i dont get the seeds then i pray to god that the trees in ur farm would bear fruits in abundance…. 🙂 n then i guess u might help us… lols… thanks again… but how would i get the seeds of basil? pls let me know

    • Dilip says:

      Hi Priya … I like your spirit re: Kaffir lime and thanks for the wishes 🙂

      Re: Basil seeds you may like to ask a friend in Pune and I can pass it on.

      Bye and best of luck!


  20. Priya Lynette says:

    Hey Dilipji…. Thanks so much.. but i dont have any friend in Pune 😦 … n if its not too much to ask…. can the seeds be couriered ?

  21. Priya Lynette says:

    Guess wt i jst recvd tomato seeds from kissanpu…. im so happy… now my kitchen garden will tomatoes too 😉

  22. dilipnaidu says:

    Ha Ha you seem to really enjoy your garden – thats lovely. being from Mumbai and friends here?
    OK lets see I am very lazy to do letter posting etc it may take a little time.
    Bye & best regards

  23. Priya Lynette says:

    wud wait till eternity…. lols… A big hug n thank you in advance….. now i guess i got a friend in pune…. Let me introduce myself to you
    Im Priya Lynette from Mumbai n pleased to chat with you….

  24. SMR says:


    I am a complete novice but am fascinated with growing herbs. I want to make a start by doing it in pots at home. Need some guidance on where to get seeds/saplings in south mumbai or pune. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Dear friend welcome,

      Most agro stores will surely have common herbs like basil, dill, lemon balm etc. And growing herbs is pretty simple too 🙂 Though I source it from US or Singapore thru’ friends but not on commercial basis. Will be glad to help where growing tips are concerned.



      • SMR says:

        Sir, do you know stores that will sell saplings/seeds in mumbai? From the post i gather, ill need your help for the more exotic ones…

      • SMR says:

        Sir, I will be coming to Pune some time soon. Pls let me know where can i collect some seeds from you and your contact number.



      • dilipnaidu says:

        Hey sorry for the delay! You already have the seeds so which seeds exactly you want. I may only be able to get you some basil seeds after my farme person returns from Pandharpur yatra.

    • SMR says:

      Common Basil, Thai Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Lemon Grass? Where can I collect them sir?

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Why not use this blog space for questions so that anyone can answer it. That’s what blogs are for. And I am no expert. Cheers.

      • SMR says:

        I am requesting a friend to bring in herb seeds from Singapore. Wanted to know if you know of any restrictions on this.


  25. siddharth says:

    i have been successful in making pots of thai basli, dill, garlic chives, kaffirlime, lemongrass etc.


    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Sid that’s wonderful. You are quite a successful herb grower. In case you are selling Kaffir Lime leaves – some of my blog readers would be interested 🙂

  26. siddharth says:

    hello sir, thank you for the reply. unfortunately my kaffirlime has been destroyed due to a local infection called “LASHKAR AALI” and it could not survive the infection. I tried really hard 😦 I am myself trying to source the kaffir lime seeds from somewhere to regrow the plant. I will highly appreciate if you could be of any help to me with this.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Sorry to hear about your Kaffir Lime. Yes if I do get the lime fruit I surely will let you know. Regards.

      • priya says:

        Im too in Queue for the seeds…. remember…. my hunt is still still on for kaffir lime n thai basil seeds… wud appreciate if u cud help me too sir…. thanks n rgds

  27. dilipnaidu says:

    Hi Priya … I’ll send you too some basil seeds … will ask your postal address when in due course of time … but I can give only basil seeds… and btw basil seeds are easily available in agri shops especially in Mumbai …

    • priya says:

      u wont believe but ive checked in each n every nursery… they jst have holy basil plant or seeds whereas im looking for Thai basil seeds… 😦

  28. DILIP!!! I am so happy you told me about this!!! What an amazing undertaking!!! I will have to spend some time nosing around here. Cheers to you my inspiring friend . Margie

  29. Sachiin B Autade says:

    Dear Sir,
    First of all, Thank you very much for reaching certain height at international level.
    Reason for thank: Wirh Jugnoo Farms my small village is also going to famous.

    One more thank for your words for my peoples in last 2-3 sentence.
    Thanks a lot.
    Hope we will meet earlier.

    Kindly Yours,
    Sachin B. Autade,
    B. T. Autade & Co.
    S. B. Engg. & Contractors.
    Trimurti Packaging.
    C. S. Packing.

    • Dilip says:

      Hello and welcome my dear friend Sachin,

      I am delighted to to receive this beautiful communication from you my friend of Autadewadi. It is a village I hold in high respect. I remember how kindly all of you extended cooperation and affection for me and accepted me as a member of your lovely village.

      Cheers and meet you sometime!
      My good wishes for your progress and happiness,

      Dilip Naidu

  30. Bindu says:

    Now I understand where all your inspiration comes from. Must be such a rejuvenating place. Glad to know about your farm. And the pictures are beautiful.

    • Dilip says:

      A warm welcome dear Bindu. I feel so good that you have come on a visit to my small farm. Oh yes each visit is very rejuvenating and refreshing. I am delighted you liked the pictures.
      Kind regards.

  31. Aadya says:

    Hello Dilip
    It was a joy to find this site, and I’m so happy that you’ve been successful with your keffir lime trees.
    I live in Himachal Pradesh, so am pretty sure I wouldn’t have too much luck growing them here, allthough my lemongrass always does well in summer,…but Its currently snowing outside!
    However I do love to cook Thai food and until now have had friends bring the leaves from abroad. Do you sell the leaves from your tree, and would it be possible for me to buy some from you?
    Hoping to hear from you.

    Many Thanks

    • Dilip says:

      Hi Aadya,

      Thanks for your kind words. Wow I love the snow and wish I could be in HP 🙂
      I am a hobby farmer so the production of different herbs is modest and enough for local customers. Wish I could help you but I am not geared to package and despatch etc.

      Best wishes and enjoy the lovely weather there.

      • Ajay Kale. says:

        Dear Sir,

        I want to cultivate Kaffir lime tree. but i dont have any idea about that so please help me. give any contact.

        Ajay Kale.

  32. Dilip says:

    Hello Ajay,

    Nice of you to visit my blog. Well the Kaffir lime tree can be best grown from the seed of its fruit. I had got mine from a friend from Thailand quite a while ago.

    Best of luck! Regards 🙂

  33. maitreya pandya says:

    I wish to procure some of your produce like basil leaves bell pepper kafir leaf. I’m located in Pune. Would be greatful for reply.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi and sorry for the delay ..

      I am a small hobby farmer and supply my old customers … but as it is monsoon time I may a small excess (I have stopped bell peppers)… so please do let me know your requirement and general area of location …
      Thanks & regards

  34. Mrs Anshu Davar says:

    Hi ,, I loved your website! Im based in Delhi and want to start growing herbs. Can you pls help me with contacts of folks who can help me build my greenhouse? Any help will be deeply appreciated! Regards..Anshu

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi there … many thanks for appreciating my blog 🙂

      at a small scale like mine its quite simple to build a structure with any material such as tubular pipes … but for large spans you will need professionals who are into this as a occupation ..

      I am not in touch or in the know with the latter consultants and will suggest you do a Google search a suitable agency …

      Wish you a great time growing herbs 🙂

  35. Dilip loved this story, even though sad in parts… Its wonderful organic produce is being grown without pesticides.. I love these types of peppers and eat each week several either cooked or raw in salads.. And as you say they are so rich in Vit C.. Thank you for sharing this Dilip, and its great to know you are also growing vegetables and herbs etc.. Its a great hobby and wonderful when we harvest our produce and eat…..
    We just share with family and neighbours… And it keeps us going through out the year as we freeze the surplus and store such as potatoes and onions etc… 🙂 xxx

    • Dilip says:

      Hello Sue I am glad you liked the story of Jugnoo Farms. Its good to know that you are growing healthy and nutritious veggies too. Yes gardening it a great hobby but alongside we need to sell the produce so that the modest income can take care of the needs of a few families of the village.

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging …. 🙂 xxx

      • We have also thought too long and hard of selling off some of the excess produce too, just to cover the cost of seeds and the rent of the allotment… Its so so good you are doing that and helping others along the way Dilip… I know your work will be blessed.. For your are in tune with all that is right in the energy of nature and love.. 🙂

  36. Hi,

    Nice to stumble upon your site while searching for Kaffir lime – the holy grail!
    Do you sell saplings or seeds for the same? I reside in Delhi and would love to have Kaffir lime leaves for usage in thai food.


    • dilip says:

      Hi Priyanka,

      I wish I could but I am just a hobby farmer and barely able to meet my customers demand. If you were nearby I would have loved to give you a packet or two for home consumption 🙂

      Wishing you well and a lovely weekend.


  37. Vlad Zaycev says:

    Hey! You have very interesting blog and I like it very much! A lot of colorful photos and very clever articles! I’m glad to meet you in my blog too! If you like fashion or music, come! Good luck! And I hope to see you in my blog. -Vlad

  38. Rahul Sharma says:

    i want to register my food on jugnoo. please call me…..

  39. You are very blessed to be able to grow and sell things that benefit people instead of a product that harms them. I wish you all the blessings in what you do sir.

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Thank you Dennis for your thoughtful words, coming from you it means a lot to me.

      Your blog tells me you are a man dedicated to spread the blessings of God.

      Regards and be very well always.

  40. Anjana Agarwal says:

    It was very heartening to read about your farm n your crops n methods .The government of work you are doing with local people and organic farming is really commendable.We have a small farm of our own in Delhi NCR and would like to learn from you .please reply

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hi Anjana thank you so much for your appreciation it means a lot. I am doing this as a hobby and also to interact with village folk who are so simple yest hardworking.

      Its a very small set-up but supports a few families. These days we are having a severe summer with all water sources having dried up. Waiting for rain.

  41. kharwartejas says:

    Dear sir, I wish to buy fresh herbs. I am based out of Surat. Can you help me to get in touch wth the right person?

  42. Tanya Kumar says:

    Hello. Was interested in procuring kafir lime seeds or plants. Is there a way of sending 5 plants to Delhi. Thanks

  43. vedprakash says:

    Wow , u have a keen interest , beautiful farm too .
    U could consider air layering to make cuttings ,,, also some one on youtube from the western ghats , who has naartangai / heralekai / citron lime or kafir lime trees a plenty to use a whole lot of leaf and dried ficus fruit as mulch to get great productivity in flowering … hope it helps u

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