The polybags are first filled with the rice husk and the drip irrigation nozzles inserted in each polybag. The nutrients are fed through the pipes. The seedlings are transferred into the planting material.



Growing well

Growing well

Growing and healthy

Growing and healthy

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  1. tulasipingali says:

    Its good to bell pepper farms in India . I like the way this blog shows about bell pepper cultivation. I have a question here in what kind of soil and temperature they grow ?

    • Dilip Naidu says:

      Hi Tulasi … you can grow bell peppers in soil that is well drained. It must not be sticky and the water must drain out well (porous). Reddish soil which we call ‘murum’ is good. I grew my bell peppers in rice husk (neutral)and fed them nutrients through drip irrigation. But now I grow ony herbs organicallly. The temperature and moisture content has to be in cool conditions. In India you need to have a polyhouse/greenhouse. 🙂

      • gardenerat60 says:

        The poly bags are cute. I am glad that rice husk is used as a medium. :-). Are you using the carbonated stuff, or the plain one? I am sorry, too many questions , due to confusion over vast info available on the net.

  2. Preeti Tyagi says:

    If I want more details and help in regard to bell pepper farming where can I get it. We have some farming land in the village, which we want to utilise for bell pepper farming…..also i would like to know about the marketing of the produce

    • Dilip says:

      Preeti, .. when I started bell peppers I had attended a seminar at the Agriculture Research Institute in Pune. Thereafter I had to search the net and get info as at that time no one was doing it here. Now there are many farmers growing bell peppers. The market also must have come down. You get the seeds quite easily now. Of course you will need to invest in poly-houses. Market is hotels and big retailers who get premium class customers. The rates in ‘sabzi -mandi’ will not be attractive.

      Wish you happy growing 🙂

  3. P.Vishnu vardhan says:

    This is vishnu from Hyderabad.I want to know the detailed information regarding bell pepper cultivation under net houses and green houses

    • Dilip says:

      Hello Vishnu welcome to Jugnoo farms. When I started Bell pepper cultivation in 1998 only poly-house was recommended. I did try growing under shade nets but the results were not good. The peppers shape got distorted and also the plants did not thrive due pest attacks. In polyhouse the moisture and temperature could be controlled through foggers.

      I stopped growing bell peppers in a couple of years as I found the going quite tough due to pests and virus. Perhaps if the weather conditions are cooler it may be easier.

      Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

    • Abhijit says:

      Hi Vishnu,
      Am based out of Hyderabad and would want to interact with you on Bell pepper. Let me know.

  4. Yogesh Kanade says:

    Dear Sir, I wants to grow yellow & red bell Peppers in pune in this summer, can i take a chance without polyhouse.also advise on how & where i will get seeds?

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Namaskar Yogesh! How nice to know you are growing veggies. I am afraid my experience says it may not be possible to grow good quality bell peppers outside in Pune summer. In the hilly areas around Pune during winter the weather is good but that’s a short season 😦

      Best regards!

  5. Yogesh says:

    Namaskar Naidu Sir! Can we get bell pepper seeds or can you make them available for me and what will be cost?

    • Dilip says:

      Yoges! namaskar I sourced the seeds from Praj Industries and friends returning from Netherlands. I am not sure if Praj still does this business. Try Naik Krishi Udyog.


  6. Jalpa says:

    Can you grow bell peppers in hyderabad? If yes which season would be the best to sow?

  7. gardenerat60 says:

    I did not know that polyhouse is a must for Capsicum!. I had grown for home consumption, by using Panchagavya , vermi and farm yard manure. Since it was on Terrace , the harvest was sufficient for my family for a couple of times. There after , the pests took over and I did not grow this year yet.

    I noticed that you have stopped using organic way for vegetables?I wonder why?
    What are the nuttiness that gets into the drip irrigation, would you mind sharing?

    • Dilip says:

      Hi it is so nice to interact with a fellow gardener. We bloggers do enjoy all the questions so no issues.

      @ Above the point on – ‘carbonated stuff, or the plain one’. I used the plain rice husk and it proved good. BTW I moved out from Bell Peppers to growin culinary herbs so no more on rice husk 🙂

      @ Oh yes a polyhouse is needed to get perfect quality of capsicums especially if you are interested in the colored ones. When I started growing I was a complete novice and used chemical pesticides for almost 2 years. This was because the bell peppers are highly vulnerable to sucking pests.

      But after reading and coming to know the unethical consequences of strong pesticides I diversified into growing culinary herbs which I grow organically. Only neem pesticides are needed.

      I needed drip irrigation to feed the bell peppers its nutrients. But after moving to herbs I stopped using drip irrigation. But if you are using drip irrigation we need to inspect and check if any inert material chokes the valves and just clean them.

      Cheers & wish you happ gardening. Do come again on either of my blogs. Thanks.

  8. Manisha says:

    Hi Dilip, I am planning to grow coloured bell peppers in a small self raised polyhouse. I am located in valsad (gujrat). Can you advice me on –what would be the right time of the year to begin? Planning to grow them in a tray and then move the seedlings to polyhouse. –Is it ok to start them outside the polyhouse?

    • Dilip says:

      Hi Manisha welcome to Jugnoo Farms 🙂
      Delighted to know that you wish to grow Bell peppers. Once you have a poly house you can grow the plants in any season. You can keep the tray inside the poly-house instead of outside – to avoid any possible strain on the young seedlings.

      Cheers & best luck!

  9. S. Merchant says:

    Hi.I am intersted in procuring apprx 500kgs of bellpepper on daily basis in Mumbai would be thankful to know your views. pls revert. Merchant

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Dear Sir, Thank you for the enquiry. I stopped growing bell peppers some years ago.
      The Bell peppers details in my blog are only to encourage new growers.

      With kind regards.

    • Ramana says:

      Hi S.Merchant,

      We are already in to poly house flower grow business and also we have plans to start color bell pepper production soon,my friends have already started growing Bellppers at Near Bangalore farm.You can contact us..thank you.


  10. Manoj Singh says:

    Dear Sir
    I m manoj singh from Meerut(Uttar pradesh).I m planning to start polyhouse farming in my vilage in meerut.Kindly suggest whether the productionof coloured bell peper good

  11. I am so happy you pointed me in the direction of your page of Jungofarms.. 🙂

  12. YalluGouda says:

    S.Merchant plz give ur contact nos.Even we are growing capascium in polyhouse.

  13. Raut Yogesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Yogesh Raut From solapur. I wants to grow yellow & red bell Peppers in solapur in this summer, can i take a chance without polyihouse.also advise on how & where i will get seeds?

  14. Raut Yogesh says:

    Dear Sir, I wants to grow yellow & red bell Peppers in Solapur in this summer, can i take a chance without polyhouse.also advise on how & where i will get seeds?

  15. Praveen kumar says:

    Hi I am praveen from Mumbai .need more detail about cultivation of bell pepper and also how much investment it requires inesial days plz help # fell free to call- 7666149900

    • dilipnaidu says:

      Hello Praveen good to know you are wanting to grow bell peppers. As mentioned in my blog I stopped cultivating bell peppers about 15 years
      So please do visit some farms and discuss the current state of growing and selling bell peppers.
      I wish you good luck. Regards.

  16. Hi Naidu Ji, Namasthe,

    Now i am in IT industry, before that i have 10 years of agriculture exp that time i didnot have money to invest on green house. Now i am planing to go back to agirculture. please suggest some crop or some training/ people to contact.

    i am from Tamlilnadu. 🙂

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