Switch for bore well power

Switch for bore well power

Wiring for the bore pump

Wiring for the bore pump

Wiring to connect the pump

Wiring to connect the pump

Water at last Sumant – success at last

Water water! Wow what force

Mission successfulHats off to this great team. In the picture is Sumant my friend, Gyanba (Electrician and brother of present caretaker Kashinath of Autadewadi village) and electrical technicians. Standing on first left is my first helper from village Handewadi.

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  1. I felt like clapping too! Water is so crucial to cultivating.. 🙂 We on our allotments have tanks connected at various points to the water system.. But we collect lots of rain water in barrels behind our shed… 🙂 You can see 2013 gallery of our progress here and among the photos you will see the shed and rain barrels there

    I hope you enjoy looking as much as I am enjoying seeing your work Dilip 🙂 xxx Hugs Sue

    • Dilip says:

      Oh yes Sue water is a precious commodity in my farm area. Only those who have their farms near rivers or lakes have plenty of water. When the bore well work was on we all kept our fingers crossed 🙂 And when the water gushes out we thank God.

      And thanks for you link. I was thrilled to see the the bounties of nature being lovingly grown by you folk. And your sweet little grand child’s seems to be having good fun 🙂

      So nice of you to visit our blog. BTW Jugnoo is my wife’s pet name 🙂 Her inspiration and support has been a great source strength for me as I have no farming background. 🙂

      • Yes our Granddaughter is our only grandchild, and she has a beautiful nature spirit 🙂 and love the name Jugnoo and it appears you are doing so well with your growing…She is obviously a good teacher 🙂 xxxx _/\_

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