The first important activity is the fencing and gate.


Fencing involves cooperation of neighbour farmers.

Fencing involves cooperation of neighbour farmers.

Aligning the gate is important.

Aligning the gate is important.


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  1. Everyone here looked busy!.. Fences are important I agree 🙂

    • Dilip says:

      In India fences cause many problems for a newcomer. So I had to first win over my neighboring villagers before erecting the fence. Today they are my trusted friends and have helped me many a times 🙂

      • Amazing once that bond of trust is reached just how letting go of the emotion of Mistrust can allow friendships to blossom.. 🙂 Same here in the UK.. My neighbour fell out with us when we erected a fence in the border of our property.. It was 6 inches away from her original fence.. she wanted our fence not to touch hers which it didnt.. She then after several years ( as her fence was rotting.. took down her fence and claimed our 6 inches as her land.. LOL even though we built our fence over a brick wall .. she now has our 6 inches of our brick wall on her side of the fence.. We laughed… as she made such a drama out of it all… We don’t mind.. She is the person who builds fences in the literal sense around her all the time as she has shut her own family out of her life, For what ever reason she is an angry lady inside.. So it reflected on her outside…
        Once we let barriers of our own fences of emotion down then we will open up ourselves to love and appreciation…
        We see that.. So many do not.. that is why there is so much mistrust around as everyone suspects another’s motives … Such is life!…
        So glad you neighbours realised and now are friends 🙂 xxx

  2. Shyamedra says:

    Hi I want to grow Tulsi at ALIGARH U.P. need detail information please 9927547888

    • dilipnaidu says:

      I just checked Organic India (Tulsi in UP) website and they seem to have deactivated their website. Tulsi is easy to grow from seeds directly. You may have noticed Tulsi growing in courtyards of traditional Indian homes.

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