After completing basic infrastructure the Greenhouse erection was done based on prefabricated aluminum members. Thereafter the poly film and shading net fixed.

Sunning ploughed field0001The entire field is first deep ploughed and allowed to sun for at least 15 days for absorbing the sun energy.

Aluminium poles erection Erection of aluminum poles grouted in concrete.

Frame work

ceiling frame0001




2 responses »

  1. Sivaram says:


    I am interested in learning about the feasibility of growing bell peppers in greenhouse conditions in AP. I would appreciate if you could share information on the following:

    1. Size of the greenhouse and cost of setting it up including the drip irrigation system.Are these materials available locally?
    2. What was the yield of the Bell peppers?
    3. What’s the average sale price that you were able to realize in Pune market?
    4. What’s the investment needed for seeding and other consumables?

    I would be grateful for your inputs. would it be possible to facilitate a visit to your farm?

    look forward to hearing from you.

    warm regards

    sivarama krishna
    98665 05661

  2. Dilip says:

    Hi Sivaram,

    Great to know you are interested in growing bell peppers. I have mentioned in my blog that I am no more into bell peppers and moved on to herbs. I am sorry I may not be able to provide the data required by you.

    Also I was among the first to grow this in my town and the price for peppers were sky high. Herbs is less lucrative option but this is my hobby.

    Regards & all the best,


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